Back Pain Treatment in Kingwood

Surgery-Free Back Pain Relief From Your Chiropractor in Kingwood TX

If you’ve ever moved to stand up and suddenly found out that you couldn’t, or you sat down and felt a traumatic stabbing agony in your lumbar region, then you understand all too well what back pain can do to your productivity, functionality, comfort, and general quality of life. Whether your back pain is the direct result of an acute injury or a long-brewing consequence of a chronic condition, you can’t let it take over your daily existence. The good news is that you can banish back pain without heavy painkillers or risky surgery, thanks to the conservative care options available from your chiropractor in Kingwood TX, Dr. Coy.

Some Background on Back Pain

You don’t have to be involved in a terrible accident to suffer from back pain. Natural wear and tear over a period of years can produce degenerative issues in the spinal column, including:

  • Spondylosis – Flattening of the intervertebral discs can cause them to bulge outward and pinch neighboring nerves. The joints that articulate the vertebrae can be irritated by this loss of disc height, resulting in osteoarthritis.
  • Spondylolisthesis – When one vertebra shifts forward over the vertebra underneath it, facet joint strain and nerve impingement cause back pain.
  • Spinal stenosis – This painful narrowing of the bony spinal canal often stems from spinal arthritis.
  • Sciatica – This impingement of sciatic nerve causes both lower back pain and pain, tingling or loss of sensation in a leg.

An unbalanced body can also leave you with chronic back pain. When your spine is less than straight, unequal stress on muscles can cause aches and pains.

Of course, traumatic accidents can cause sudden, severe back pain as well. In an auto accident or sports injury, for example, your spine may be twisted or jolted so that the joints fall out of alignment, muscles become torn, and dislocated discs herniate onto nerve roots.

Chiropractic Care and Other Natural Solutions

Dr. Coy can relieve back pain through safe, non-surgical methods, Chiropractic adjustment can restore normal joint and disc position to improve function, takes stress off of muscles and un-pinch nerves. Physiotherapy and corrective exercises can help you loosen and strengthen weak/injured back muscles while also relieving soft tissue pain. If your back pain is related to poor posture or workplace habits, we can recommend lifestyle adjustments to help avoid recurrences. Even our nutritional therapy services can play a role in back pain relief by emphasizing anti-inflammatory foods, weight loss to de-stress the back muscles and joints, and consuming the right raw materials to help injuries heal.

Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain

Regardless of the cause of your back pain, chiropractic care can help. At Coy Chiropractic in Kingwood TX, we provide all natural treatments for patient back pain. Spinal adjustment is the primary method we use to help patients suffering from back pain. This is a technique we use to realign the vertebrae and reduce pressure on the spinal cord. Spinal adjustment improves the functioning of the central nervous system, which can help prevent pain and improve the body’s ability to heal itself.

In addition to spinal adjustment, we use the following techniques to help patients manage their pain:

  • Stretches and exercises. Stretches and exercises can help loosen the muscles, reduce muscle stiffness, improve mobility and strengthen the muscles after an accident occurs. Stretches and exercises can help patients during the rehabilitation process and can also help patients avoid accidents in the future.
  • Nutrition counseling. Nutrition counseling helps patients manage their weight and reduce inflammation. This helps reduce patient pain after an accident occurs and can reduce pressure on the joints of the body, leading to reduced pain.
  • Lifestyle advice. Our lifestyle advice can help patients adopt behaviors and habits that can prevent accidents and back injuries.
  • Postural screening. Postural screening can identify problems like poor posture and subluxations, so we know what kind of treatments can help patients experiencing back pain.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is the treatment of choice for many people who experience back pain. Some of the greatest benefits of chiropractic care include:

  • Chiropractors never prescribe pain medications. Instead of healing the body, pain medications only mask the pain. In addition, pain medications can be addictive. By contrast, chiropractic care reduces pain by helping the body to heal.
  • Chiropractic care is non-invasive. Chiropractors don’t prescribe or perform surgeries. All chiropractic care is done naturally.
  • Chiropractic care is safe for people of all ages and with a variety of conditions. Chiropractic care is safe for seniors, pregnant patients, patients suffering from chronic conditions and more.
  • Chiropractors teach patients how to avoid injury in the future. Lifestyle advice and stretches and exercises can help patients avoid back injury in everyday life.

Coy Chiropractic Can Help You Turn Your Back on Back Pain

If you’re ready to bid a not-so-fond farewell to your debilitating back pain and embrace a higher quality of life, then you’re ready to pay a visit to Coy Chiropractic. Call (281) 359-5333 today to set up a consultation, evaluation, and treatment from your chiropractor in Kingwood TX!