Laser Therapy Explained

Low Level Laser Therapy Lights the Way for Relief
at Coy Chiropractic in Kingwood

Low level laser therapy is a non-invasive advanced treatment with a plethora of benefits. At Coy Chiropractic, we utilize this type of therapy to help our patients find pain relief and live well. Certified since 1986, Dr. Jeff Coy has vast experience helping people achieve and maintain optimum health with traditional chiropractic techniques as well as advanced services that help alleviate pain, promote healing and restore the body to its full level of functioning. Low level laser therapy can provide all three of those benefits and has been an effective physiotherapeutic treatment that is part of our Kingwood chiropractic care.

Chiropractor Uses Laser Therapy as Part of Comprehensive Treatment Plans

The therapy works by emitting a single wavelength of light that can penetrate tissue deep into the cellular level. Also known as cold laser therapy, low level laser therapy does not produce any heat, nor does it emit vibration or sound. Although you may not feel anything on the surface, the laser beam is stimulating cell activity, which can help alleviate back pain, neck pain, and other discomfort, decrease fatigue and stiffness, and accelerate healing of affected tissues. Our chiropractor Dr. Coy can use low level laser therapy on its own or incorporate it into a comprehensive plan that treats a number of conditions and ailments.

As a certified chiropractic sports practitioner, Dr. Coy has seen the beneficial effects of low laser light therapy as part of a sports injury treatment plan, and its use does not stop there. He has used it for personal injury and car accident treatment programs, including those that involve sprains, strains, muscle overuse and whiplash. Low level laser therapy has also worked for fibromyalgia, a number of joint ailments and disorders, osteoarthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Various other musculoskeletal disorders can benefit from low level laser therapy, with each treatment plan tailored to each patient to meet individual needs. For more information on how low level laser therapy may be able to work for you, please call us at (281) 359-5333.

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