Have You Been in a Car Accident?

Put the Brakes on Car Accident Pain and Suffering with Treatments from Kingwood Chiropractor

car accident can cause damage on several levels, both to your vehicle and to your body. Coy Chiropractic offers several treatments for injuries resulting from auto accidents, with the exact type of treatment plan based on your individual needs. Dr. Jeff Coy has been helping to alleviate pain and suffering as well as correct its underlying cause since our clinic opened in 1988. Several treatments available as part of our chiropractic care are specifically tailored to treat common vehicle accident injuries.

Whiplash: Symptoms Include Headaches,
Back Pain,  Neck Pain, and Dizziness

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries following an auto accident, and the condition is not always immediately apparent. Even if you feel no pain or other symptoms, your neck tendons, ligaments and muscles may have been damaged by a sudden, traumatic jolt. Whiplash can come with symptoms that include back pain, neck pain, and headaches.

Sciatica is another condition that can result from an accident. While this painful condition has several different possible causes, it can also be caused by an auto accident, fall, or other traumatic event. The sciatic nerve runs from your back through your hip and buttock areas and then down the back of the leg. Pressure on the nerve from any cause can create back pain as well as pain, tingling and numbness along the nerve’s path.

Other common injuries resulting from a vehicle accident can include sprains and strains, which can also benefit from treatments from our chiropractor. In addition to treatments that focus on alleviating pressure and pain and realigning the spine, our Kingwood chiropractor offers several physiotherapy services that can help healing and the body’s restoration. These include percussion massage therapy, cryotherapy, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, and low level laser therapy, all of which can be part of a comprehensive plan to help alleviate back pain and other injuries.

Have you recently been involved in an accident? Did you seek chiropractic care?

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