Fighting Pain and Finding Wellness

Our New Coy Chiropractic Blog

Welcome to the first entry in our Coy Chiropractic blog. As an experienced Kingwood chiropractor, we relieve patients from pain every day, and we look forward to this opportunity to tell patients more about what we do here at Coy Chiropractic. We see patients from KingwoodHumbleAtascocitaPorterNew Caney, and Splendora, and are skilled at helping with all types of pain and injuries.

Our Chiropractor Fights Pain and Wins!

Our chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Coy, has been helping patients to fight pain since 1988, and he will use various advanced methods of pain relief to make sure that you discover pain relief quickly. We utilize manual spine adjustments, where Dr. Coy skillfully adjusts your spinal column to its optimum position, to help alleviate any pain caused by misalignment, disc problems, nerve problems, and joint problems. We also use chiropractic adjustment tools, low level laser therapy, cold therapy, and other pain relief methods to address your injury and find long-term solutions. Dr. Coy will even work with you to help you devise a lifestyle plan, including diet and exercise, that can help you to heal from your injury more quickly and feel better overall.

We treat personal injury patients, car accident patients, sports injury sufferers, and people who are suffering from back pain, headaches, neck pain, knee pain, sciatica, or nearly any other physical problem that is causing you pain.

One of the reasons that we are so excited about the blog is that it is a way to chat informally with you, the patient. We want to know what you would enjoy reading about here in the blog.

Do you have anything about chiropractic care you’d like to know? Please ask here so we can add it to future blogs!

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