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Kingwood Car Accident Injuries Treated
with Compassionate Care

At Coy Chiropractic, Kingwood car accident injuries are treated with professional, compassionate care. We have been helping patients recover from pain due to a personal injury suffered in a Kingwood car accident for over twenty years. Some effects of an automobile Kingwood car accident patients treated by chiropractoraccident are obvious, such as a concussion or broken bones. Other accident victims may think they were lucky to "walk away" from an accident only to wake up in pain weeks or even months later. That's why it's always best to have any potential injuries evaluated by our chiropractor, Dr. Coy as soon as possible after an accident.

In a Kingwood car accident, whiplash is often the most common injury. Whiplash occurs when the force of the collision causes bones in the lower neck to become hyperextended and those in the upper neck to become hyperflexed, leading to a spinal misalignment. This may also damage the tissue surrounding the cervical vertebrae, resulting in neck pain, headaches, blurry vision, and dizziness. Another frequent injury is knee damage due to the driver or passenger's knees being slammed into the dashboard. The force of the accident may also result in broken arms or legs. Other Kingwood car accident victims may suffer from back sprain and trauma injuries due to the collision.

Kingwood Personal Injury Patients Find Relief

When Kingwood personal injury patients first visit our chiropractor after an automobile accident, they will first receive a thorough examination to determine the full extent of injuries. Dr. Coy will ask about any back or neck pain and will evaluate the damage caused to bones, joints, muscles and tissues. The treatment Dr. Coy recommends will be based on your specific pain areas and symptoms. He may use a combination of hands-on treatments and state-of-the art technology to help manage your pain and restore your mobility.

Kingwood neck pain and whiplash patients treated with chiropractic careFor whiplash and neck injuries he may use traction or hands-on manipulation to bring the spinal column back into alignment and improve nerve communication. If a disc in the spinal column has herniated it may cause pressure on sensitive nerve endings, so he will work to alleviate that pressure. For muscle problems, tissue damage and knee problems he may use Active Release Therapy (ART) to gently massage the affected areas. Nimmo with Active Muscle Release uses compression to alleviate extremely tense muscles that have been involved in a trauma. Trigger Point Therapy is used for very specific areas of pain. If bones have broken and muscles have not been used, he may utilize muscle stretching to help get them back in working order. A percussive pain relief massage is called the "Thumper." Another important rehabilitative therapy is our Erchonia low level laser, or cold laser, which is not offered by all chiropractors. Other patients may benefit from ultrasound therapy or electrical muscle stimulation.

Coy Chiropractic works with your legal representatives to provide documentation for any potential personal injury claims and also with your insurance company to provide treatment under their Personal Injury Protection (PIP) guidelines. At Coy, "We're bending over backward to help you stand straight."

If you have been in a Kingwood car accident, call us at 281-359-5333 today.